SGJC Waiver of Arraignment  Revised 12 / 2017 


The Waiver of Arraignment cannot be presented to the court for approval until an Indictment / Special Presentment / Accusation has been filed with the Clerk of Superior Court in said case. The Superior Court case number must be included on the Waiver. The defendant and attorney, each, must sign said waiver. FAXED DOCUMENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED. The form must be completed accurately in every particular and approved by the court and filed before arraignment - otherwise defendant and counsel MUST ATTEND ARRAIGNMENT.


The court notice that is read and delivered to defendants and attorneys at arraignment is available for downloading. Please refer to the appropriate County for said notice.

Court Notice

Baker County 

April, 2021 Trial Term - February 18, 2021 Arraignments - PDF

Calhoun County 

May, 2021 Trial Term - February 16, 2021 Arraignments - PDF

Decatur County 

May, 2021 Trial Term - March 2, 2021 Arraignments - PDF

May, 2021 Trial Term - March 8, 2021 Arraignments - PDF

Grady County -

September, 2020 Trial Term - June 11, 2020 Arraignments - PDF

Mitchell County 

Adjourned April, 2020 Trial Term - May 20, 2020 Arraignments - PDF

Psychiatric Evaluation Forms 

Competency to Stand Trial  Revised 2 / 2013


Degree of Criminal Responsibility or Sanity at the Time of the Act  Revised February, 2013


Judgment and Order of the Court on Plea of Mental Incompetency to Stand Trial  Revised 2013 


Court Interpreters 

Court Designee - PDF

Application Procedure and Forms - PDF

Child Support 

Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit - PDF Revised February 2012

Child Support Order Addendum - PDF Revised January, 2011

Usual or Standard Visitation Clause - PDF Revised January, 2011


Parenting Plan

USCR 24.10 - Parenting Plan - PDF

Plea Transcript

Form - PDF

Request to Use a Recording Device

Form - PDF


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